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We appreciate your privacy
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The Services log servers keep IP-addresses, information about a browser type, internet provider (ISP), visiting and exit pages, type of a platform of the User, date and time of the Website visiting as well as amount of clicking. This information is used for trend analysis, the Services management, cumulative conversion tracking and general demographic data collection for the integrated use. IP-addresses and other data may be linked to a service set ID of a session, the User or a device.

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Privacy Policy

1. General information

1.1. This Policy applies to Nordbeaver group of companies (hereinafter referred to as the "Provider") operating procedures and protection of personal information about individuals (hereinafter referred to as the "User" ) that may be obtained by the Provider through the use of website https://nordbeaver.com/ services, apps, programs (hereinafter referred to as the "Website", "Services").

1.2. The purpose of this Policy is to procure proper protection of personal data provided by the User while using the Website from unauthorized access and disclosure.

1.3. This Policy, other legal acts adopted by Provider and the current legislation of the User's territory regulate activities related to the collection, storage, distribution and protection of personal data, provided by the User.

1.4. By using the Website and Services, the User signifies entire explicit consent with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

1.5. Should the User disagree with the terms of this Policy, he or she has to stop using the Website or any Services accessible by using the Website immediately.

1.6. If the User doesn't want to receive any commercial information, he or she can unsubscribe from these at any time by sending notification to the email address: play@nordbeaver.com The notification will be processed within 24 hours.

2. Purposes of collection, pocessing and storage of personal data, provided by the users

2.1. Users' personal data processing is performed in compliance with the laws of the Services use location, including but not limited to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada (PIPEDA), Acts on the Protection of Personal Data in the US and other laws.

2.2. The Provider processes the User personal data for the following purposes:

2.2.1. To provide the User with goods/services, access to the Website and Services;

2.2.2. For research, monitoring and analysis of personal data, which enables to maintain and improve the Services and Website items as well as for the purposes of development of the Website sections and new Services;

2.2.3. For managing recruitments and facilitating recruitment of skilled specialists to our team.

2.2.4. For statistical and other inquiries based on anonymous data.

2.3. The Provider collects the following personal data:

2.3.1. Identification personal information, provided at the filing the "Contacts" form on the Website and for the future reference with the Services and the information about the use of the Services. This personal data may include name, surname, e-mail address, type of using electronic device and software, transport data, geolocation (physical location of using devices MG 360, speed and direction). The User while using the Services may be required to provide with additional personal data. Furthermore, the Provider shall have the right to collect additional personal data if the User contact the Service support team or in other cases of communication with the User.

2.3.2. Personal Data which the User has provided to us in a candidate profile "Join the team", including a name, e-mail and information acquired form a cover letter or data the User downloads in the application documents (CV), including but not limited to work experience, education, qualifications, language and professional skills, links to portfolio etc.

3. Conditions of processing personal data of the users and transfer to third parties

3.1. In accordance with applicable law on personal data protection the Provider shall take respective security measures to prevent personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, dissemination or unauthorized access and other kinds of illegal personal data processing. The Provider takes seriously its duties on ensuring personal data security implementing the most efficient organizational and technical measures including employees training, making the staff aware of personal data safety measures and monitoring such measures on a regular basis.

3.2. Upon request, the User shall be informed about whether the Provider holds, uses or discloses any of his/her personal data, furthermore, the User shall have access to his/her personal information.

3.3. The Provider may share access to personal data only with employees, subsidiaries or affiliated companies who need this information exclusively for Website, Services maintenance or for the purposes of providing the Users with services/goods or nonexclusive licenses.

3.4. The Provider shall have the right to use the information provided by the User, including personal data, to grant compliance with all applicable laws and regulations on the territory where the Services are used (aiming among others prevention from and/or restraint against illegal actions or crime by the Users). The Provider may disclose the User's personal data in strict accordance with the relevant jurisdiction on demand of law-enforcement authorities or by court order as well as on other lawful basis pursuant to applicable law. The Provider also has the right to disclose Users personal data to third parties, including law enforcement authorities, state agencies or government bodies as well as to private complainants and defendants either within the country of the User residence or abroad if it is stated that such disclosure has been reasonably required for compliance with the law, particularly, in responding to a court decree or a court order, court summons etc. The Provider also has the right to disclose Users personal data if it is considered to be reasonably necessary to prevent death or heavy personal injury, to work out issues of national security or other issues of social concern, to prevent fraud or abuse with respect to the Provider and its Users as well as for the Providers activities and ownership protection of other lawful rights of the Provider, including sharing personal data with a lawyer or other consultants and third parties with respect to current of potential litigation process.

3.5. Personal data may be disclosed in the event of unforeseen and unexpected circumstances that cannot be prevented even through commercially reasonable security efforts, for instance as a result of cyber-attacks or any other attacks on the Provider of the Services.

3.6. Cookie policy. Cookies are small text files sent by the server to the User's device. Cookies perform many functions, for example, they allow to save the settings made by the user, allow the user to move between pages after signing in, and, on the whole, make working on a website easier.

3.7. Here is how we use cookie files:
а) Identification — cookie files allow website providers to recognize you and your advice so they do not have to request your login details and password every time you go to another page.
b) Analytics — cookie files allow us to obtain information about the viewing how many times this or that page was viewed.

The User has the right to set the browser to refuse cookies but this will substantially limit their ability to use the Services.

3.8. The Provider applied to other analytics services to understand how the Services are used and how to improve them.

3.9. The Provider may collect, change, anonymize information provided by the User in the Services ("Content") so that it is not associated with individual and does not include personal information. This type of collective and statistics data includes information about a device type and its use, demographic data, route information and geographical location. The Provider may use this anonymous information, sell, license or transfer to third parties for the purposes of survey, business operations and others. If the User has openly provided the Service with this information or Content, this data even in an aggregated form may be associated with the User.

3.10. The Provider does not knowingly acquire or receive personal information from children under the full legal age. If there is evidence that the Provider might have collected this information by chance, it's necessary to connect the Service Administration immediately at the address play@nordbeaver.com . Children consent to personal data processing shall be authorized by parents (or other lawful guardians). Age limit for the parents' authorization is applied by European Union Member States (from 13 to 16 years old). The law in each country of the Services location regulates its own Age of Majority.

3.11. At times, while using the Services the Provider may collect personal data identifying the User's activities on third party websites or on-line services. The Provider may acquire additional information about the User from third parties such as marketing analysts, partners, research etc. The Provider can combine the information provided by the User with the information given by third parties as well as through using any other subscriptions, products or services of the Provider. For the recruitment purposes the Provider may collect personal data from third parties, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and through other public sources.

3.12. While using third parties' apps, plugins and websites integrated with the Services, the User should be aware that third parties might collect personal data and Content, including personal information, pictures and geolocations. Third parties follow their own Private Policies regarding collection and processing the personal information the User may submit to them. The Provider cannot control or be held responsible for third parties' privacy practices and content.

3.13. The User shall be aware that in case of Content transmission or its transfer otherwise through external services, this data becomes available outside the Services and can be easily accessed by a third party. While exchanging information with a third party the User should carefully and thoroughly review its methods of privacy protection. Acting so the User takes his/her own responsibility.

3.14. The Provider has implemented some procedures for personal data collection, transfer and storage security. These procedures and practices depend on the confidentiality of the processed, collected and stored personal data. While the Provider strives to use reasonable means to protect personal data being subject to confidentiality, the Provider cannot guarantee its absolute security and not responsible for steal, destruction or accidental disclosure of personal data or Content.

3.15. The Provider does not check accuracy of information given by the Users and assumes that the User faithfully provides him with accurate necessary information and concerns about data updating when needed, including but not limited to telephone number update etc.

3.16. The User at any time has the right to correct, complete or delete inaccurate information, which has been added to the account by the way of changing his/her data in the settings of the account. All the inquires related to the account editing shall be sent to the address: play@nordbeaver.com

3.17. The Provider retains personal data until it is used in the Services. Information that is no longer needed will be depersonalized or safely destroyed. The Provider may also retain some information from patched accounts as necessary to comply with legal requirements to prevent fraud, collect charges, resolve disputes and to assist investigations, enforce the conditions of the User agreement or take other actions allowed by law. Keeping personal data will be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

3.18. The term for personal data of candidates for recruitment purposes. If the User does not object, in writing, to the processing of personal data, the personal data will be stored and processed if it is necessary with regards to the recruitment purposes. At the same time, in case the User is interested in the future recruitment, the Provider may store Users' personal data for this purpose until it is no longer of value as potential recruitments. If the User wishes not to have personal dada processed for this purpose (future recruitment), please, contact us.

4. Users rights of and monitoring mechanisms of personal data processing

4.1. Where the User has provided his/her consent to processing personal data, he or she can withdraw the consent at any time by sending the Provider an email to play@nordbeaver.com Consent withdraw will not affect legal grounds of storage and data processing of the User until the User withdraws such consent. It shall be stressed that the Provider may process personal data on other basis specified by applicable legislation for other purposes, including grounds stipulated in this Privacy Policy.

4.2. The User shall have the right to require restriction of the personal data processing in compliance with applicable law. For instance, the User may argue accuracy of personal processing. In that case, the Provider will restrict the personal data processing for the period necessary to verify whether the data is accurate or not.

4.3. Subject to certain cases required by applicable law the User may object to processing of data about him or her, including the processing for purpose of direct marketing.

4.4. If the personal data is processed directly by the Provider and automatically with the consent of the User for the purpose of the performance of the agreement with the Provider, the User has the right to obtain his or her processed personal data in standard structured machine-readable format.

4.5. The User may appeal against the Provider's adherence to personal data security principles in accordance with applicable law.

5. Changes to this privacy policy

5.1. If the Provider amends this Privacy Policy, the updated edition will be duly published on the Services. The Provider reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy any time. If the User does not accept any of the amendments to the Privacy Policy, he or she may stop using the Services.

6. Disclaimer statement

6.1. The Provider takes all reasonable efforts to ensure the security of personal data of the Users. However, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be fully secure. These activities on personal data transfer are undertaken at the User's risk.

7. Contacting

7.1. Any questions regarding personal data collection, storage and use or any other questions concerning this Privacy Policy shall be send to the Provider via e-mail play@nordbeaver.com.

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