Game development on HTML5 technology: from idea to release.

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Who we are

Turning rivers back, changing entire ecosystems — this is the impact of the beaver's hard work. Diligence and scrupulousness lead to unbelievable results!

Ben the Beaver
Your loyal assistant

Our experience in game development and a deep focus on customer service allow us to solve the most outstanding business problems brilliantly!

We take on those projects that we can deliver implicitly cool, and it allows us to make our clients happy.


The main advantage of HTML5 is its versatility. HTML5 Games can be launched in any browser of any device, both mobile and desktop, and from almost any environment that supports Web View.

Creating game Characters

We at Nord Beaver set an ambitious goal to make HTML5 games a significant part of the game industry!

Our services

We provide a wide and up-to-date range of services for development games on HTML5.

Adaptation and delivery
2D Bones Animation and art
HTML5 games development from idea to delivery
HTML5 technology allows us to deliver cross-platform and scalable multiplayer projects . For example, we can develop a game similar to Among Us, using cloud solutions.
Remaster (porting) a game to HTML5
Our first projects in HTML5 were related specifically to the remaster of games on Flash. Therefore, we know how to give a second life to any released game on Flash, Unity or other technology by rebuilding the logic on HTML5 and adapting the game art.
Adaptation and release of an HTML5 game on the target platform
We will help you integrate with various platforms (social networks, messengers, HTML5 stores) or implement a stand-alone game launch. We will connect the API, adapt the application to the requirements for the initial weight or the absence of WebGL in the graphics rendering, which will allow the game to expand the audience.
Development of 2D Animations and 2D Art to scale your projects
With no doubt, technology is an important component of games. But our expertise is much broader than just development. Nord Beaver’s Art team also has something to offer to our clients - skills in creating skeletal animations Spine or Dragon Bones and visual effects in Adobe After Effect and Adobe Animate is a matter of our special pride.


We have created and developed more than 20 HTML5 games, here are some of them.

A handcraft simulator game

Beaver Weaver

Racing game in retro wave style

DeFi Racer

Burning Man Online Simulator

Burning Man

Become an office hero

Alone in the bank

Partners and clients

Many companies trust us. Become one of them and you'll be excited by the result!

Nord Beaver Crew

Nord Beaver crew.
Our people ― are our prime value and pride.

We have known each other for years now and have released several joint projects is Nord Beaver Crew.
Our team is constantly evolving (developing) and constantly reinforced by talented professionals.

Vacancies in the game studio

We are also very attentive to those who desire to get into the gamedev industry, for those who are ready to move mountains for this! So take a chance!

Vacancies in the game studio

We are in search for:

— 2D Animator ->
— HTML5 Developer ->
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Even if you didn't find any suitable opening among the published ones, mail us on, and we will consider your appeal!

— Programmer
— St. programmer

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Creating an html game
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