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We are hiring:

HTML5 Developer

Requirements for a candidate:
--2+ years of experience in JavaScript or TypeScript in game projects;
--Strong command of JavaScript (ES5 and ES6);
--Experience with Node.js, Gulp / Webpack;
--Experience in working with one of the HTML-5 game engines (PixiJS, Cocos2d, Phaser);
--Experience in working with version control systems (Git);
--Common knowledge of Design Patterns;
--Experience in applying OOP and MVC / MVP principles
--Ability to understand someone else's code;
--Love of games and desire to work in the gaming industry;
--A desire for constant self-development and a positive attitude.

A nice addition will be:
--Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop / Animate (Flash);
--Experience with HTML5 Canvas / WebGL (including shaders);
--Experience in organizing asynchronous code (promises, async / await).

2D Artist

Requirements for a candidate:
--Create concepts and final art rendering for games;
--Create concepts and final character rendering;
--Create game UI;
--Prepare art assets for integration into the project.

What kind of professional are we looking for?
--Experience in casual games for at least 2 years.
--Rational approach to work: research, argumentation, concept search, work with feedback.
--Experience or desire to develop as a mentor / team leader.
--Excellent communication skills, work experience in a distributed team.
--Love to the gaming and games.
--A portfolio is required.

Additional benefits will be:
--Experience in creating 2D animation and VFX.
--Art education degree.
--Work experince with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, Spinе and Dragon Bones.

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