Nord Beaver Crew

Let us introduce ourselves!
We are the Nord Beaver Crew!

Our culture

Nord Beavers are professional and open-minded Crew!
We all love our craft and that's why we are together! Our key rule is “first, break all rules!”. Our main pillars are: think wide, act fast, respond for what you’ve done!

We are proud of every player in Nord Beaver Crew! Each member is the value for us and for our partners, each player brings great impact in the projects we’re working under. We are the fans of life and work balance, but sometimes we have to work really hard (but usually party hard right after). And such an unusual and exciting combination of values and approaches allows us to attract the most talented and strong people on market to join Nord Beaver Crew!

Вакансии в игровой студии
Вакансии в игровой студии

Our culture is not just a word, but a way we live and think.

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