What is chiller than gigantic robot sharks? Your VERY OWN giant robot sharks! Here you can build one and unleash it on your unsuspecting opponent.


Head, body, tail, fins, and last but not least – teeth! You can connect different parts and create your robot shark that will look like you want. Dozens of variations of the components create almost infinite possibilities for your imagination. After the composition of your shark, you can make it fight other players’ sharks and make your way to the top of the LeaderBoard while betting on the outcome of the battle!


SharkBattle requires you to create a shark, lay out your card hand, and fight! Here you should use your card carefully, fight other players, and make your way to the top. Where else is it possible to indulge your secret childhood dreams of epic fights and incredulous surroundings?

Genre and Objective

Game genre: Turn-based PvP battler card game
Objective: To create a self-contained battler card game with an unique environment


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