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Eminem once sang: “You better lose yourself in the music, the moment...“ – and we provide you the perfect opportunity. The whole new metaverse is waiting for your arrival! Ready? Steady? GO!


Here you will find yourself in a whole new world – like Neo in the Matrix or Alice in Wonderland. Your character can explore the city, smoke out all the monsters hiding in the corners and challenge them for a duel. In the game, you can find all the hiding spots for secret traders, buy all the gear you want, and make friends on the way. Communication, explorations, adventures: wherever you go, you’ll find a new frontier to conquer.


As is known from Norse mythology, Ragnarok is an ending point for the Asgard, the gods’ realm. We’ve given this game such a name because it is the end of the RPG as you knew it. Come to the new metaverse expanse, so you can see where was the starting point. Ronins Zero, unique characters, are bounded to NFT, and they will become the founders of all Ragnarok Meta communities.

Genre and Objective

Game genre: Web3 MMORPG
Objective: To create an integrated type of RPG, connecting NFT technology, Web3, and immersive lore; to try out the experimental mechanics with infinite possibilities


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