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Beaver's Blocks is a soothing game that entertains the mind

Make the wooden blocks vanish by merging them into rows, columns, or squares on the 9x9 game board. The game runs until the board has space for the coming blocks.

Wooden blocks for a tactile sensation

The simple yet elaborate design intends a warm and inviting space for the intellectual challenge. Gaining reward points for completing sequences which dissipate in a golden glow, creates an atmosphere of calm and comfort.

Engaging new blocks

Inspired by the classic Tetris® figures, the game offers a variety of additional block forms, boosting a new challenge and a chance to exercise creativity.

Holiday mood

Beaver's Blocks is perfect for the long winter nights around Christmas. The seasonal additions suggest deeper relaxation and gentle entertainment for a player.

Give a shot at this highly immersive gameplay whenever you need a soothing break.


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